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Rebuilt Equipment > Lorchem Legacy Series > Pressure Washers > Cold Water / Electric / 440V / 2600 PSI

Pressure Washers

Series: KEW Alto Uno Booster - Cold Water / Electric / 440V / 2600 PSI


KEW’s Uno Boosters are designed to operate more than 8 hours a day. A heavy-duty, stainless-steel cabinet and chassis ensures additional longevity and makes the units easy to clean. Made for high-hygiene applications, the Uno Boosters are ideal for use in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, meat processing plants, and much more.


  • Cold Water
  • Stationary
  • Electric-Driven
  • 5.5 GPM
  • 2600 PSI
  • 8.8 HP
  • 12A/440V/3P


  Item # 107340124U880510865 -2003/35 23759U88185088

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