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Don't let your fleet be a billboard for grime. Maintain a professional image by keeping your trucks, buses, freighters, rail cars, or construction equipment in top condition.

Why? Because like it or not, clients, competitors and others will compare your fleet's exterior to your company or brand's name and reputation.

But it's more than just about the sparkle and shine; cleaning your fleet regularly helps in overall preventative maintenance and safety.

  • Clean vehicles improve the safety of your drivers. A clean windshield gives your driver a better field of vision, while a clean vehicle reflects more light, making it more visible to other drivers.
  • Clean vehicles are easier to maintain. Regular fleet washing removes corrosives and pollutants from your vehicles, extending the life of the body as well as the paint job.
  • Clean vehicles last longer/save money. Regular fleet washing removes/reduces the corrosive effect of road grime, salt, and pollutants from your vehicles, extending the life of all steel components (frames, bumpers, engine components, and body panels).
  • Clean vehicles evoke pride in ownership. Employees take pride in their work when they’re driving a clean vehicle, and they’re more likely to view the company in a positive light when they see you're committed to maintaining a clean image.

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