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Lorchem Technologies Technicial Resources

Thank you for visiting the Lorchem Technologies Technical Resource page! Please feel free to contact us if you can't find what you are looking for or if you need additional information—our team of cleaning equipment and chemical specialists will get back to you right away.


Pressure / Flow / Nozzle Size / Horsepower Calculator

Get top performance from your pressure washer and avoid damage to the unit by using the proper size nozzle. Use our calculator to find out if you are using the right size nozzle for best performance.

NEMA Plug & Receptacle Specification Tables

Straight Blade and Locking Specification Tables



208 vs. 230 VOLTS

Why is the difference between 208V power and 230V power important?
Learn more here.               


Alternative Fuels & Diesel
For Pressure Washer Burners and Engines

We are often asked if alternative fuels will work in the burners or diesel engines. Here is a compiled list of fuels and whether they will work in our equipment.

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